Easily Train Your Team Every Month In Church Security Basics.

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Church Security Basics Introduction is an inside look at the Burnette Chapel church shooting that will illustrate the importance of having the right people, in the right place, with skills necessary to prevent and respond to violence within your church.

Church Security Basics Monthly Program offers "Done For You" training that makes it easy to train, quiz and offer certificates of completion to your team members.  Once you purchase the $1 test drive, you will be able to immediately send videos to team members and access the 45 minute lesson, quiz and certificate. 

Each month your church credit card will be charged $57 per month for a total of 9 months. You may cancel at anytime.


Single Lessons Available

Church Security Patrol Skills

Your team members are the crucial element in your church security ministry. Church Security Patrol Skills is a 30 minute video helping your team members understand the three rings of security, and their individual responsibilities when patrolling the exterior, interior lobby and worship center area and what to do.

Verbal Tactics For Church Security

The most important skill your church security volunteers can have is excellent verbal skills. Poor verbal skills can turn a bad situation into a worse situation. Don't let this happen to your team. Discover how to remain calm while achieving voluntary compliance and maintaining the peace.

Church Security Liability Reduction

There is nothing worse than being sued or going to jail, and both of these things can happen if your team members do not understand the limitations of their role. Discover the laws your church security team should follow, and how to prepare them to protect against making costly mistakes.

Church Security Lockdown Training

When a bad situation happens, your security team, leadership, staff, SS teachers and congregants need to know what to do. Help them make fast decisions and give them permission to act in order to  save lives. ABC Lockdown simplifies decision making and prompts swift reaction. Saving precious time.

Unarmed Defense Skills

What would your team do if an intoxicated, high, or angry person came to church and displayed violent and turbulent behavior? The untrained person will over-react and may cause unnecessary damage. This video demonstrates reasonable responses to violent behavior to protect innocent people.

Armed Response Skills

Traveling throughout the U.S. training church security teams, we have found many churches rely on CCW permit holders. There are critical tactical skills your volunteers need to perform while under pressure. This program will demonstrate the skills necessary to respond to violence while the rest of the church locks down.

Armed Response Drills

Once your team understands the critical movement skills needed, they will need to hone those skills by drilling on them every month. In this video we reveal to your team how to practice these skills, so they build confidence in their skills to respond to violent church emergencies. Each drill reinforces  Armed Response Skills.

Crisis Medical Skills

Early intervention in treating injured or wounded victims can mean the difference between life and death. This video demonstrates how to use simple medical interventions to save lives. Discover how to bring those techniques into training scenarios so they become second nature, and the value of having the skills.